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We offer free consultations for any of our
Botox, Fillers, skincare, PRP and laser hair removal services.

Our Clients Say

"Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

Cosmetic Injections



Dermal fillers

Lip Fillers



Sculptra butt enhancement

PDO Thread lift 

Smooth Threads 

Renuva  Injection( Fat injections) 

Kybella Injections  ( Fat dissolve ) 

Skincare Services

Microneedling with HA 

Microneedling with PRP 


Microinfusion Botox facial

VI peel

Deep cleaning facials

Classic Pure Luxe Facial 

Glow facial

Derma planning

Geneo oxygen facial

Body Sculpting 

Wood Sculpting 

Vitamin Shots 

Vitamin Shots

($40 each or pack of 6 for $200; pack of 12 for $400)


Vitamin B12 injection


Skinny Shots

(super lipotropic injection) 


Laser Hair Removal 

IPL Photo Facial 

Laser Vein treatment

CO2 Resurfacing Laser

Laser Skin peel ( Fraxel)

Laser Genesis ( Collagen production and Skin Tightening

Tattoo Removal 

Photo Fractional 


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